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Easy Activations has been providing the lowest cost, hassle-free phone plans to tourists and business travellers since 2014.

We are located in Los Angeles, California, USA and have no hidden fees and all our prices are tax included.

The price you see on the site is the amount of money you will spend for your prepaid plan. Guaranteed!

Let's face it, we want to make sure we have a phone available the moment the plane lands on the ground and we all want to pay the lowest prices. Here at Easy Activations, that is what we provide. We created the first system in the world that offer eSIM Unlimited plan for US, Canada, Mexico and Peurto Rico.

We take much pride in the customer service that we provide and guarantee that you will not be just another satisfied customer, you will be delighted customer!

We are glad to be the one you have chosen for your prepaid plan supplier and can't wait to hear from you again on your next trip to the USA.

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