Do I have eSIM ?

In order to activate your eSIM in our system, we will need to verify that your device is supported and have the eSIM chip inside of it.

Please enter the IMEI of your device and our system will tell you if your device has eSIM.

The fastest way to find your IMEI is to dial *#06#

The long way is to open the settings and Go to the About phone menu.

Please enter the IMEI without spaces.

Enter IMEI

Please note:

Devices that were purchased in China/Hong-Kong/Macao doesn't have eSIM

For example, if your iPhone has 2 sim card slots, that means it doesn't have eSIM. Our system cannot verify where the devices was purchase. however, if you contact us directly, we can verify it for you manually

Morever, AT&T upgraded their systems and some devices are not compatible with the AT&T system. Therefor, it's better to check this link as well and to see if your devices is supported by AT&T:

These phones will still work on our network after we phase out 3G in February 2022